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Friday, June 25, 2010

Silver Moon II

This place came to us via the suggestion page from one of our fabulous readers and it being so close to our house, we ran right over there to check it out. Now, I will warn you right off, my emotions are interfering with my ability to properly review this place and so, we will be revisiting it at a later date when I am less emotional.

Here's some background. I'm originally from Mid-Michigan and back home we have a diner chain called Tony's (not to be confused with that brand who makes frozen pizzas and such) where the food is huge, insanely cheap, bad for you, and delicious. One of their specialties is the Hot Turkey Sandwich, which is something I must eat whenever I visit my hometown. Theirs is made with a thick slice of Italian white bread, huge pile of instant potatoes, generous portion of chunks of turkey breast, and then all smothered with yellowish poultry gravy.

Since moving away from Michigan in 2006, I've always kept an eye out for things that are "like home", like this turkey sandwich. When we first visited Baltimore when we were still living in Florida, my husband and I found a diner called TT's that has a sandwich that comes pretty close to what I'm looking for, however I think they use real potatoes which alters the flavor just enough to act as a band-aid when I get homesick, but doesn't quite satisfy the hunger.

I've been especially homesick recently having just been diagnosed with a digestive disorder which is likely to alter my eating lifestyle for the rest of my life and has caused two family members of mine to require surgery. I'm still pretty much like a little kid when I get sick, I just want to lay on my parents couch and eat this sandwich. Dave's been doing a great job taking care of me and taking me to all of my doctor's appointments but that little kid in me still wants my mom, and therefore, home.

So we headed to Silver Moon II and on their menu is a Hot Turkey Sandwich and I got really excited and hopeful. They definitely had that short order diner thing going on, and once we learned they don't use deli turkey they use real turkey I ordered it. Dave got the Blackened Chicken Sandwich and then we learned they are a cash only restaurant. Fail.

I sat down at one of the tables and Dave headed out to find an ATM. I snapped a few pictures and waited for him to come back. He finally did, we paid the bill and waited about another 10 minutes for the food to be done. I was watching them box it up and then, to my horror, helplessly watched as my Hot Turkey Sandwich, my personal Holy Grail was smothered in BROWN GRAVY. The big Styrofoam box was slid sideways into the bag and Dave's sandwich placed on top and we were set to go. Dave picked up the bag and we headed back to the car where he set the bag on my lap causing gravy and potato to explode onto me. He'd tipped it right side up, causing my box to be sitting on its side. The box not being airtight started to leak gravy and potato all over me. Devastation deepens.

It was going to be a couple hours before we could eat as we were taking the foster kittens to get their booster shots in Reisterstown. Dave let me have a bite of his sandwich and I must say, it was pretty tasty. It was a little spicy so I could only have a tiny bite, but it was quite good. Good enough to leave a sauce splatter on my face. I didn't eat my dinner.

Two days later it is lunchtime on Friday and I'm staring a bowl of brown gravy covered turkey sandwich. I had expressed my emotional reaction to the whole gravy thing to Dave, knowing how childish and petty I sound when I say it, but he understood. I'm sick, I wanted a piece of home and I didn't get it. So I had what I did get for lunch today.

I will say, despite it not being what I'd hoped for, it's still pretty good. I think it would be better if it had the right gravy on it. The turkey used is deli turkey but it's good deli turkey and not lunch meat style turkey. The bread is good ole American white sandwich bread (two slices) and the potatoes are instant, just like I like them. I did not dislike this sandwich, and Dave's sandwich was really good. The next time we go I'm going to order one of their specialties like the seafood salad or something like that so that I can give this place a proper review.

I will say the restaurant is clean, the staff is friendly and your food comes fast. You get nice, generous portions and it's really inexpensive. It's definitely worth a go. We'll be heading back there in a couple weeks, once things settle down.

Dave's 2cents:

So by now, if you've been following us, you can tell I suffer from what I've coined, Food Rage. Which is just me getting so pissed at servers, that I am no longer hungry.

I had high hopes for this place. When I entered I was greeted within moments, when I asked what was good, food selections were suggested to me, and I was happy.

Until they said cash only. I checked my cellphone to make sure it wasn't 1999, and I asked where the closest ATM was. Seeing as I am SURE this question gets asked 100x a day, I was SURE she had an answer. What I got was, "I think its like 2 blocks, somewhere that way."

I left my wife there so the food we ordered would actually get cooked, I went on a hunt. After 15 minutes searching for an ATM, I just went to one that I KNEW in Little Italy, and returned.

Now I'm a little bit angry. Food's still cooking, and I wait. Once finished I was handed a bag and we left.

Once in the car, and as you read above, the box exploded, I then found out from my wife they don't have forks!

What carryout place doesn't provide utensils!?!?

As my wife said, we're dealing with some stuff right now, the food was good enough to give them a 2nd chance. Lets hope they don't blow it this time, and I remember to have cash on me.

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Dee said...

Wow, I'm so sorry ur first experience there wasn't great! They used to have the ATM machine there & take Debit/Credit. And many days I would have starved if they didn't. I still love this place even tho they only take cash again. I don't know what happened or why they changed. But I do TOTALLY understand the Homesick Food craving. Substitutes just don't cut it.

Dave R. said...

we'll go back again and give it another go in a few weeks, we'll eat in this time. Thanks for the suggestion & keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Great review. Thank you very much. I must say I was the girl who forgot to give you utensils. Please forgive me I am not perfect everyone who knows me knows I'm a forgetful person at times LOL. I deeply apologize for that. Your wait was due to the fact that the Chicken Breast is fresh and very thick not frozen like many other places. It takes a little time to ensure proper cooking. We wouldn't want you to walk out with an undercooked sandwich! For gosh sakes I just let you walk out of the store without utensils I wasn't gonna give you a raw chicken sandwich too!!. LOL We also do not accept credit cards for reasons that are a little business personal and we would rather not discuss. I will tell you though that I appreciate you saying we do have good food. I do believe you should try something that we specialize in and that is very popular at our store like our huge delicious crab cakes. The ATM is 2 blocks down "somewhere" the way I pointed to. It is connected to one of the buildings right in front where the window should be. One more thing, Mr., you should always know that when carrying out a container with gravy in it you should never turn it sideways....tisk tisk. I was so anxious to read your review after I was handed your card and I will admit I have been stalking your page the past day!!. I enjoyed reading your page. I learned about places I didn't even know exsisted and I've lived in Bmore all my life!. While I don't necessarily love this review I am happy with it for now. I can not wait for you to come back again I find what you guys do to be amazing and I would not mind doing something like this. Thanks again for your kind words, and please come back again. Not for a review but for a nice sit down dinner!!!

Dave R. said...

I agree, but we were a perfect example of a guest in a hurry. Needing food, hungry, and LOADS of things on their mind.

If you noticed, we didnt rate you, 0 to 5 noms. This is because we didnt really give you a fare chance at showing us what your establishment can offer in your dining room.

You were awesome, the food was awesome, which is why we are coming back. Not just to review you, but to be normal patrons of your establishment.

and I'm serious when I say i couldn't find the ATM. The GPS couldn't find it either. lol

We will put this review in the archives when we visit again on business and give you our official rating.

(But now you know what we look like, so maybe i grow a lumberjack beard!)

Anonymous said...

I was just givin ya a hard time about the ATM!!!. Seriously though I can't wait to have you guys come in again. You both seem like such cool peoples. The beard would be a good idea maybe even grow out your hair and buy yourself a flannel shirt cut at the arms with shorts and boots. Then you could have the whole lumber jack mountain man thing going on. I only work there part time for my sister since I do also have a "real job" so when you do plan on coming in hopefully you guys can do it on a Weds, Thurs, or Fri night when I'm working!!!. See ya guys soon!!!!

periwinkle604 said...

We can't wait to revisit this place. I'm definitely going with a house specialty this time. I've got my eye on one of the seafood salads!

Anonymous said...

Mmm....with Ranch Dressing. Delicioso!!!!

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