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Monday, July 19, 2010

Yuki Sushi

We spent Saturday in Owings Mills because our foster kittens were at the PetCo at an adoption event. Remembering the certificate we bought for a sushi place there, we headed to Yuki Sushi for lunch.

On a side note, our Westie's name is Yuki which translates to "snow" in Japanese, or "snowflake" if you want to tease Dave about 1. buying a tiny white dog and 2. naming said tiny white dog officially "Hana tusu yuki" which means "snow that is like flowers". So, we bought the certificate because the place was named after our dog.

We always have such high hopes for sushi. It so easy to make, and so easy to screw up. Well, ok it's not easy to make exactly, actually it's pretty effing hard. It's easy to throw together the flavors in it to make it taste GOOD I should say. Unless you're using rotten fish or something, in which case your sushi will taste like rotten fish.

It took us awhile to figure out what we wanted because we didn't get a check off sushi menu so we had to remember what we wanted. The prices here were pretty standard for the Baltimore area, the more "plain" rolls were actually pretty inexpensive (ranging from $5-$7) and then the specialty rolls racking up to $15 which is the norm. I went with a Raven Roll (shrimp, mayo, cucumber and topped with avocado) and a Boston Roll (shrimp, mayo, lettuce). Dave ordered a Dynamite roll (salmon, asparagus, crab mix, deep fried) and hibachi steak and shrimp.

Dave started to pick up on some "abruptness" from our waitress early on, but it took me a bit longer to notice it. Then when I asked if they happened to have shrimp sauce or "yum yum" sauce (not every place in this area has it, but a few rare gems have so I always ask) she gave me this look that was like "WTF are you talking about?" said "HUH?!" then stared at me until I said "I was just checking. Nevermind." and then she shook her head and walked away. Then she started slamming cokes onto our table and I'm actually quite surprised Dave was able to finish his meal. He was really disappointed that she said he couldn't use the certificate towards the lunch boxes (bento box lunch specials) even though it didn't say any such thing on the certificate according to him, but he relented and chose the hibachi meal instead.
As for the food, it was good. The sushi was really tasty, fresh seafood, it was made really well so the insides weren't coming out (I really hate that when it's rolled too loosely and all the goodness flops out onto the plate). The flavors of the Raven roll especially worked really well together. The Boston roll was alright, definitely get this as a starter roll to share. It's really kind of bland to just eat the whole thing. Dave hibachi meal was really good. Plump shrimp, tender pieces of beef wrapped up in warm noodles. I was satisfied with the food portion of our experience.

I give it 3 noms.

Dave Says: It's amazing how much the service influences the whole dining experience. I wish I could contact the owner and let them know, but I doubt they care. She's probably their daughter/niece, anyway.

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Eludius said...

I love the food there, too, but have to agree that their service is sub-par. I think that same cranky waitress always waits on us.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You have to go there when the waiter is working instead. He is awesome and always gives us $10 off our check AND a free roll or appetizer.

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