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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Max's Empanadas

I have to admit that I was hesitant to try this place out at first. It cropped out virtually from nowhere after an Italian Deli shut down last year. Then I thought "Empanadas? In Little Italy? That's crazy talk" Crazy delicious!

Dear Max, whomever had the idea to pass out menus Friday evening should get a raise. That's what brought us in there. Something so simple. Dave brought home the menu and since I'd already had my heart set on seeing The Switch at Landmark that evening (and avoiding the Movie-on-the-Wall crowd to boot) I suggested we just make it a dinner and a movie night.

Now, the empanadas are pre-made then baked when you order them so they're gooey-hot. This means that if you have an aversion to olives (like Dave) then you will stand there and pout and not order anything until your dinner date shoves a forkful of cheese covered tender falling apart chicken in your mouth and you give in and order a whole plate of food for yourself. At least, that's how it happened for us.

I ordered the two empanada combo which gave me one chicken and one ham and cheese empanada and a side salad. The presentation of the food was gorgeous. The empanadas were golden brown, soft and warm. The salad was beautiful. So many colors and so fresh. I totally cleaned my plate. Both empanadas came with cheese and olives stuffed in with the ham and chicken. The flavors really worked so well together and everything was so good. They didn't taste premade (I can only assume these are all prepped like the night before then baked when you order them. They do sell frozen ones, but I doubt any that land on your plate in the restaurant have ever been frozen).

Dave ended up getting the chicken empanada with the black bean hummus. The hummus came with sliced fresh veggies and warm pita bread for dipping. I personally hate all hummus as a general rule, but Dave totally loved it. I was biased, but the pita bread and veggies were totally fresh and awesome. Totally.

This is a little row-home style restaurant so you can't have too many people looking into the glass case or milling about by the wine or cash register. There will definitely be some crowding if you find yourself in any of those places (Oh, did we mention this place sells booze? It does.) but there is ample seating and it has a funky contemporary feel to it. There's art for sale lining the walls and other non-for-sale art that ties the decor together nicely.

To appease the Italian crowd this place also offers paninis and wine. Oh, and also, it's cheap. Two people can leave incredibly full for not a lot of cash. Does it get any more Italian than that?

4 noms

Dave's 2Cents:

To be honest, after looking at the menu, nothing really jumped out at me. Not saying its bad, I just wasn't in the mood for this style of food, or so i thought.

I sat down and didn't order anything, watching my wife eat. She then, after some arm twisting, made me try some of her Empanada. Needless to say before the food got in my stomach, I was up at the counter ordering my own plate full.

I went with 1 Emp and hummus. I got the pulled chicken Emp' and black bean hummus.

Along side of the plate was hot and toasty flat bread, carrots and zucchinni. The best part was that it was lightly seasoned with salt and oregano.

Great food. Great prices. Great atmosphere! Thanks Max!

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julkd1 said...


A group of us ordered from Max's today. We were originally hesitant but thought we would give it a try.
SO GLAD WE DID. The empanadas were delicious and the black bean hummus was outstanding.

We WILL be ordering again.

Dave R. said...

We love max's too.

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