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Friday, September 17, 2010

Luckie's Fabulous Tavern

Oh Luckie's...

Located just a few blocks from our house under the giant Power Plant Live sign, Luckie's features an expansive bar, huge area of outdoor seating and no toilet paper.

Seriously. The first thing I did was hit the restroom when we got here. Ladies, you know how when you walk into a restroom and you first check to make sure that there isn't anything disgusting looming in the bowl, then you check to make sure the door will shut, then you check to make sure it's not covered in pee...etc?...well, I walked down four or five stalls before finding one that didn't have human soup but still had interesting reading material on the walls (it's a bar, you can't expect much) and then to my dismay found no toilet paper. Running down several more stalls finally locating some, I washed my hands thoroughly and then laughed and the silverware setting sitting on a chair by the paper towels.
Dave had already ordered our Cokes, and we looked over the menu. We were just minutes into the dinner menu and were relieved to find out we could use our Groupon. We made up about half of their business at 5 p.m. yesterday. TV's blared the Navy v. Terps game and we set about ordering a chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese, side salads with ranch and Dave took the plunge on the hot turkey platter.

The waiter walked away with our menus and we looked forlornly at our empty glasses.

Our busy waiter set about fetching beverage for all the other patrons in the bar and as the minutes went by the annoyed tweets mounted. Had this guy not been so nice, I probably would have snapped. However, every time we interacted with him he was just so nice. By this point I was fully expecting burnt/or undercooked food, sucking ice to stay hydrated, and possibly contracting an infection from whatever was gluing my flip flops to the floor.

Here's where restaurant reviewing gets tricky. We can't rate this place the same way we would rate a place like La Tavola, or Prime. We have to rate this place on the level of other pub/bar type places. We expect simple pub style menus, we expect casual service, and we expect a certain amount of "eeeew, what is that on the floor?" It's a bar.

For being a bar, this place was pretty clean. It was sparsely staffed and likewise sparsely populated. Apparently not a lot of people eat at 5 p.m. when there's a big game going on in town. Meh.

So, finally after several tweets two full glasses of Coke show up and I was like "Yay! Thank you!" and he said "I read your mind" and then I muttered "you're apparently on mountain time" and then I wasn't mad anymore.

When the food arrived, the waiter brought over two more full glasses so he totally redeemed himself.

The food arrived. The salads looked wonderful. They were fresh, crisp and very very good. My sandwich was wonderful. Juicy chicken, fresh toppings, crisp fries. I would have been willing to eat my hat if I were the type of person to wear hats. Then the greatest shocker. . .

The hot turkey platter was delicious.

Seriously. It was Michigan good. Chunks of turkey breast, plain jane slices of bread, soaked in gravy, mounds of mashed potatoes. Stunning.

For the turkey platter alone, Luckie's you get 4 noms.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, both good and bad. As bars go, our chef,(Bill), does not get enough credit. On the other hand our GM Ben Brengle and AGM Steve Twilley have truely spent the past 8 months pulling this Tavern out of the dark ages and saving it from the bitter gloom of concept failure. Trust me when I tell you that this review will be met with appreciation and a strong sense of urgency to make it better. I work there as a bartender and security and I truely love the staff and the place. Cold beer, great food, good times. Thank you so much for giving Luckies a shot. I hope you come back in a month or two and hit us again.

Thanks L.D.Holyfield

periwinkle604 said...

Hey L.D., it's definitely a possibility.

I didn't mention it in this post, but this was actually the 2nd time we've been there. The first time was for my rockin' 25th birthday when I drunkenly screamed at a door man "WE'RE LEAVING BECAUSE THIS BAND SUCKS". He laughed and agreed then apologized. This told me several things 1. you make your rum and cokes strong 2. your staff has a sense of humor and 3. pending that band NOT been so awful, it would have been a fabulous place to hang out.

I do give props to the chef and the staff. The food was shockingly good and the staff incredibly nice but not in that hovery-ass-kissy way we hate. We'll definitely be back at some point in the future.

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